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Lori Ann Robinson

Lori Ann Robinson is a Los Angeles based Image and Fashion Consultant and multiple Emmy nominated costume designer.  Her talents for style, design, color and fashion are the foundation of her career and for dressing women and men. Her consulting strategy is matching personality, lifestyle, and body type to today’s current styles while solving the ‘I don’t know how to shop or what to buy and what to wear’ challenges. Lori Ann’s image and style clients depend upon her magic to find just the right clothes for any occasion and to create complete outfits by mixing and matching clothes from different designers for one-of-a-kind creations.

She has appeared on radio and national television, most prominently on Good Morning America,The View, SoapTalk, Pure Oxygen, Career Day and E!.

How to Look Stylish and Sexy Dating Over 40

Friday, Dec 8th at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern

It can be a challenge to know how to dress on dates, especially if you’re over 40.

You want to look magnetic and terrific, but you don’t want to come across as overly sexy, especially if you’re looking for a committed relationship.

Lori Ann will come to your rescue!  Listen to what she has to say about the importance of color and what will get a guy’s attention, but in the right way.

If you have any insecurities about the way you dress on dates, you won’t want to miss this interview!



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A Message from Your Host…Judith Joshel

Judith JoshelWhat is the Mr. Right Cafe?

It’s a gathering of women from around the world who are seeking their Mr. Right. We come together by internet and telephone conference to learn first-hand from a wide array of dating and relationship experts. These global experts, carefully selected for their specific expertise, will share with you vital information and priceless tips to help you find the love of your life. Mr. Right is out there and he wants to find you! If you’ve been feeling lonely and thinking, “I need some support and wise guidance in finding Mr. Right. But I’m not sure where to get it and how to fit it into my busy week,” then this is the perfect solution for YOU! Are Any of the Following True for You?

  • You are tired of being lonely, but scared and discouraged about dating.
  • You are very tired of dating Mr. Wrong.
  • You believe that all the good men are taken.
  • You see your friends getting married and are afraid you’ll never find your Mr. Right.
  • You don’t want to fall in love yet again only to be let down in the end.

The Mr. Right Cafe is where smart successful women like you gather to take a break from their crazy schedules and problems to learn from dating and relationship success experts in a relaxed virtual environment. Attend from anywhere! Bring your own cup of coffee or glass of wine and curl up on your sofa. Just some of the topics to be discussed at the Mr. Right Cafe are:

  • What You Can Do to Insure the Next One is Mr. Right
  • Understanding Men: What are They Looking for?
  • Why You Are Never Too Old to Find Mr. Right
  • Dating When You Have Young Children
  • Sex: When Is the Time Right?

. . . .new topics are added weekly!

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