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Dr. Danielle Dowling

Dr. Danielle Dowling is a life coach and psychologist. She’s an intuitive strategist working with women leaders who are ready to stop compromising on the things that matter most — self-realization, soulful companionship and accessing innate power. Her goal is to motivate women to live inspiring lives; to help them experience a life better lived and to help women achieve their dreams whatever they may be.


Friday, August 1st

Is Your Soulmate Also “The One”? 

Have you ever felt that you met your soulmate, but the relationship ended badly?  

What is the meaning and importance of soulmates in our lives? 

Is there adifference between your soulmate and “The One” with whom you have a lasting love relationship?  

What should a woman be looking for in “The One”? Don’t miss hearing Dr. Danielle’s wise and fascinating views on soulmates, “The One” and much much more!

Live Event Co-Hosted by Michelle Marchant Johnson and Judith Joshel!

Friday, August 15th
Can You Be Strong AND Feminine with Him?

Have you ever invited a man to your home or visited him in yours very soon after you’ve met him? Do you share personal information with men you’ve just met on line?  How careful should you be when you’re meeting new men?  Judith and Michelle have lots to share with you about  keeping yourself safe during your search for your Mr. Right.

 Email All Your Burning Questions to  We’ll answer as many of them as we possibly can!

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Michelle Marchant Johnson

Michelle Marchant Johnson is an author, speaker and professional relationship coach. She partners with successful single women throughout the world who want to find authentic love and affectionate romance. She is known by many women as Your Guide to The Right Guy! Her articles have been featured on many internet sites and she is excited and honored to have recently been recognized by as one on the Top Ten Midlife Relationship Experts for 2013. She is currently writing a book entitled Love from the Inside Out. After many single years of frustration, heartache and challenging self-discovery Michelle finally found true love and became an ecstatic first time bride at age 43. She is married to the man of her dreams and is very passionate about helping other women meet and attract their Mr. Right. Michelle is a recent breast cancer survivor who believes life is precious and is meant to be lived with purpose, love, and joy. She is thrilled to see many of her clients find healthy, joyful, and satisfying relationships.


Judith Joshel

Judith Joshel is the host of the Mr. Right Café, an online expert interview series designed to help women find and keep Mr. Right.  She is a former divorce attorney and mediator who became weary of dealing with failed relationships. She decided she wanted to help women recover from heartbreak and create loving and healthy relationships and she became a Certified Professional Life Coach. As a MrRightMentor. Judith helps women sort through all those Mr. Wrongs and find and keep Mr. Right. Judith married her Mr. Right after many years of “not right” relationships. Her heart’s desire is to help women who have been wounded in love finally find lasting love.


Cherry Norris

Cherry Norris, former dating disaster, currently in a hot happy marriage helps women meet and marry your man. Since 2002, Cherry has  been coaching smart, savvy, single women and giving fun, fail-proof tips and practical advice to help them have better romantic relationships with men. Having experienced everything she teaches, Cherry has been there, done it, botched it, and learned it. Cherry swears if she can do it, you can too. With a little learned skill combined with your God given talent, you can create the relationship you want with the man who’s perfect for you!


Friday, August 22nd

How to Meet a Quality Man, Get Him to Approach You in Less than 6 Seconds and Know if He’s Romantically Interested within 15 Minutes

Do you want to know how to attract a man so you’re off to a good start? You want him to see you   as a date or romantic interest. Cherry shares the following vital information in this interview:

  • How to have a man tripping all over himself to meet you in less than 6 seconds
  • What to do (and not do) when he approaches
  • How to set it up so he sees you as a girlfriend and potential wife in less then 30 seconds
  • How to know if he’s romantically interested within 15 minutes (what to do if he hasn’t made a move)

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Judyc1    A Message from Your Host…Judith Joshel

  What is the Mr. Right Cafe?

It’s a twice-monthly  gathering of women from around the world who are seeking their Mr. Right. We come together by internet and telephone conference to learn first-hand from a wide array of dating and relationship experts. These global experts, carefully selected for their specific expertise, will share with you vital  information and priceless tips to help you find the love of your life.  Mr. Right is out there and he wants to find you! If you’ve been feeling lonely and thinking, “I need some support and wise guidance in finding Mr. Right.  But I’m not sure where to get it and how to fit it into my busy week,” then this is the perfect solution for YOU! Are Any of the Following True for You?

  • You are tired of being lonely, but scared and discouraged about dating.
  • You are very tired of dating Mr. Wrong.
  • You believe that all the good men are taken.
  • You see your friends getting married and are afraid you’ll never find your Mr. Right.
  • You don’t want to fall in love yet again only to be let down in the end.

The Mr. Right Cafe is where smart successful women like you gather to take a break from their crazy schedules and problems to learn from dating and relationship success experts in a relaxed virtual environment. Attend from anywhere!  Bring your own cup of coffee or glass of wine and curl up on your sofa. Just some of the topics to be discussed at the Mr. Right Cafe are:

  •  What You Can Do to Insure the Next One is Mr. Right
  • Understanding Men:  What are They Looking for?
  • Why You Are Never Too Old to Find Mr. Right
  • Dating When You Have Young Children
  • Sex:  When Is the Time Right?

. . . .new topics are added weekly!

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